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organism.Using ▓single-cell sequencing technology, the researchers traced the trajectories of individual cells over the first 24 hours of the life of an embryo, revealing

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a landscape of which genes are switched on or off, and wh▓en embryonic cells transition into new cell states and types.The findings represented a cata▓log of genetic "recipe

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s" for generating different cell types in two import▓ant model species and trovided an unprecedented resource▓ for the study of developmental biology and disease."We foresee

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that any complex biological process in which cells change gene expression over time can be reconstructed using this approach," said Alexander Schier, professor of ▓molecul

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ar and cellular biology at Harvard and a corresponding author of one of the▓ studies. "Not just the development of embryos but also the development of ca▓ncer or brain degeneration."The researchers captured gene expression data from each ce▓ll of the embryo, one cell at a time. The teams collectively profiled more than 200,000 cells at multiple time points over 2

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xpression was the same in mutants and wildtype, despite the loss of an essential signaling pathway. The proportions of different cell types, however, chang▓ed.Also, when the researchers compared cell-state landscape

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